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About First Alarm BBQ Sauce

Larry and Pat Alford come from a line of great traditions.  Larry’s father had a standing tradition of creating sauces for “special occasion” family cookouts.  Another unique family characteristic is the incredible legacy of firefighters that have come from the “Alford clan”. Now spanning two generations, ten family members of the Alford family have served or is currently serving as fire fighters.

Following in the footsteps of his Dad, Larry began tinkering with his own ideas for a mustard based Bar-B-Q Sauce and came up with this distinctive recipe approximately 15 years ago.  In sharing this sauce with his family and fellow firefighters, Larry was encouraged to share the unique, great taste with others. Larry and Pat named his product First Alarm Bar-B-Q Sauce and went public with their sauce in 1995.

Larry’s tasty sauce has been tried, tested and approved by professional firefighters. Now you can get First Alarm B-B-Q Sauce delivered right to your door by ordering here.


Keith, Pat, Kevin & Larry
Keith, Larry & Kevin

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