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 No Calorie BBQ Sauce FloridaSauce Nutrition Facts

What makes First Alarm Sauce so distinctively different? First of all, it’s that bright yellow color. Then just read the label: there’s no sugar and no fat, and best of all, only five calories per serving. Other sauces build flavor with lots of sugar: First Alarm’s flavor base is mustard and lots of rich, natural spices. Yellow mustard is naturally high in potassium and magnesium which both contribute to a healthy diet. 

The patriarch of the Alford family developed the original recipe for First Alarm Sauce: He (Larry) used to make up special occasion sauces for all our family parties.  He tinkered with the original recipe 15 years and tested it with firefighters (they can handle the heat!) and fire houses around our Georgia home. Fire House cuisine is big into BBQ, bold flavors, and lots of heat when they eat.

We started selling First Alarm Sauce in 1995, and are proud to be able to ship our product directly to your home. Taste the Fire Alarm Sauce difference:  this delicious mustard-base spice blend enhances the natural sweet and savory aspects of BBQ, and cuts through the richness for a bright burst of flavor.

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